Roughness tester Compact II VH and tracer SH

Roughness tester Compact II VH and tracer SH
Roughness tester Compact II VH and tracer SH
Roughness tester Compact II VH and tracer SH
Roughness tester Compact II VH and tracer SH
Roughness tester Compact II VH and tracer SH
Roughness tester Compact II VH and tracer SH
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Article codeDCH/VH/AV/II
Compact and mobile roughness measuring device for standard roughness measurements in production plants and measuring rooms.
  • ultra-linear and ultra-compact hall effect sensor.
  • supplied with advance device VH for tracer with skid only
  • device with graphic display and 4 function keys
  • feed device integrated in the housing, but can also be used with a connection cable (accessory) for measurements with a support or to reach difficult places.
  • the cutoff is fixed for each measurement length
  • memory for 15 profiles
  • automatic calibration
  • USB data output
  • data transfer for work with MS EXCEL or our software DIASOFT basic
  • accumulators for mobile use
  • same precision as the DIAVITE DH-8, thanks to the use of the same feeders and feelers
  • roughness parameters according to DIN ISO, JIS, ASME
  • SH standard probe with diamond tip 5 μm

  • simple and intuitive use, no training required
  • measure safely using a permanently connected cutoff filter with sweeping path
  • the feed unit can be integrated into the device for wireless measurement
  • measurements in all directions, horizontal, vertical and height

Technical specifications
  • parameters:
    * ISO/DIN: Ra, Rz (DIN), Rmax, R3z, Rt, Rq (RMS), Rk, Rpk, Rvk, MR1, MR2, Ppc, Rmr, C1, C2, percentage contact area Rmr, C0, Cz
    * JIS: Ra (JIS), Rz (JIS)
    * ISO 12085: R, AR, Rx
    * additional parameters possible with optional PC software
  • measuring ranges:
    * Ra, Rq: 0~20.000 µm (0~800 μinch)
    * All other values: 0~350.00 µm (0~1400 inch)
  • resolution:
    * Ra, Rq:0.001 µm
    * All other values: 0.01 µm
  • cutoff lc: 0.08 / 0.25 / 0.8 / 2.5 mm
  • traversing length Lt: 0.48 / 1.5 / 4.8 / 15.0 mm for ISO/DIN + 1 free programmable between 0.5 and 15.0 mm
  • measuring length lm: 0.40 / 1.25 / 4.0 / 12.5 mm + free
  • linearity: <2% for the total range of measurement
  • tracing system: Hall effect transducer
  • standard stylus: diamond stylus radius 5 μm, 90° (option 2 µm, 60°)
  • standard tracing skid radius: 25 mm
  • speed measure: 0.5 mm/sec, return 1.0 mm/sec
  • measuring force: of diamond in static < 0.5 mN (DIN 4772), tracing skid < 0.15 mN
  • saving about 15 profiles of measurement (± 1 measuring point / µ micron) with the possibility of re-evaluation of the results on the saved curve
  • memorization of maximum 8 measuring programmes
  • capture of measurement points according to DIN EN ISO 3274 (table2)
  • intermediate wave according to DIN ISO EN 3274 (table 1)
  • indication of the correct position of the tip
  • automatic calibration on the Ra on basis of 4 palpages + memorization of maximum 8 calibrations for 8 different probes
  • mains 90-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 12 Vdc 700 mA, LiNh rechargeable batteries (500 measurements, charging time max 2 h)
  • clock internal real time with date/time & indication on each impression
  • two-way USB interface with RS232 (115,200 Baud speed) emulator for transferring results, curves and evaluation of additional parameters.
  • interactive menus in 6 languages: french, English, German, Italian, Spanish & Polnish
  • operating conditions: temperature +10~40° C, humidity < 0% without condensation
  • dimensions 151x74x62 mm, advance device 20x33x136 mm

Program DIASOFT Basic
  • program for transfer of data between the DIAVITE and a PC with Microsoft Excel
  • choice of language (E, F, D, I)
  • setting of the parameters trough the USB interface
  • transfer of ongoing measurements in a new Excel file with choice of parameters of roughness Ra, Rt... or in an existing file
  • transfer of the measurements in memory in the DIAVITE in a new file Exel with choice of parameters of roughness Ra Rt... or in a file existing
  • print
  • histogram
  • software Excel not provided for in the delivery of basic

Accessories supplied with the COMPACT II
  • advance device VH for tracer with skid
  • standard probe SH
  • adapter and connecting cable 1.5 m for using the advance device VH outside the Compact II
  • charger 220 V
  • metallic calibration block Ra=2.97 µm
  • USB-connecting cable, screwdriver, test protocol, carrying case and operating manual (D, E, F)
  • DIASOFT Basic program