Hardnesstester LEEB THL286

with calibration curve function

Hardnesstester LEEB THL286
Hardnesstester LEEB THL286
Hardnesstester LEEB THL286
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Article codeTHL286
Principle of dynamic measurement according to Leeb based on the fall and rebound of a ball carbide with determination of hardness from the variations of the speed between the fall and rebound, based on microprocessor and integrated conversion tables, depending on the material and the desired scale

Custom calibration curves
LEEB hardness testers use conversion tables based on various types of materials, for example for the HLD probe: steel and cast steel, cold work tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast aluminum alloys, copper-zinc alloys, aluminum / copper alloys, forged copper. For each material, we chose the most common modulus of elasticity. Due to varying rates of alloy components or special hot and cold processing techniques, the modulus of elasticity of the materials you measure may be different from that used in LEEB => conversion tables during conversion , the measured value has a significant error compared to the actual value.
In the THL286, you have the possibility of introducing 5 personalized conversion tables:
* you choose a material: steel, aluminum or copper
* you choose a conversion scale, for example HV
* with a minimum of 3 blocks and a maximum of 10 calibration blocks made in the material to be checked and of known hardness (in the example, HV), you carry out measurements on the various blocks and, for each measurement, you enter the real hardness of the block.
* at the end of the procedure, you memorize the information and you have thus produced your personalized conversion table. In this way we obtain measurements in converted value much more precise.

  • robust and dusttight aluminium housing for use in severe conditions
  • for large or heavy components, part of installations, measurement in production, the recognition/identification of materials in stores on-site, the measurement in hard to reach places,...
  • for measurement in all directions, even to top
  • automatic unit conversion and readout in Rockwell HRC, HRB, Vickers HV, Brinell HB and Shore HS and HL (with D probe)
  • possibility to change of conversion scale after measure
  • only with probes D & DC, for steel, conversion of hardness in tensile strength (375 ~ 2639 Mpa)
  • high contrast 3 "OLED display for simultaneous display of date, material, scale, direction of impact, measurement number, last measurement or average
  • limit function Go/NoGo
  • possibility to choose the number of individual impacts between 1 & 32 for the calculation of the average.
  • extended memory for 1 to 32 individual measurements in maximum 500 groups with individual and mean values, number of achieved impacts, date of test, direction of impact, material and scale of hardness
  • extended management of memory function
  • automatic recognition impact sensor connected with automatic callback of the calibration settings
  • manual determination of the direction of impact with automatic compensation
  • 7 possible impact sensor D (standard), C, DC, DL, D+15, (E) or G (accessory)
  • output data USB
  • simple adjustment of measurement parameters with possibility to store 9 settings
  • high-precision ± 6% 800 HLD HLD.
  • according standards EN ISO 16859 & ASTM A956
  • possibility of recalibration (1 memory for each impact sensor)
  • power supply: rechargeable battery 2400mA/h NI-MH
  • indication of low battery voltage level
  • switched off automatically if not used for 5 minutes
  • warranty 2 years

Technical data
  • conversion scales:  see specifications probes D (AHMR D), C (AHMR C), DC (AHMR DC), DL (AHMR DL), D+15 (AHMR D+15)  or G (AHMR G)
  • measuring ranges: see specifications probes D, C, DC, DL, D+15, G, or E
  • tensile strength (with probes D/DC, steel only):  375 ~ 2639 Mpa
  • accuracy: 1% (HLD = 800)
  • possibility to adjust limits min/max with audible signal
  • memory: 1~32 measures in max 500 groups
  • output data: USB
  • memory: average value, number of  impact, date, material, scale
  • power supply: rechargeable battery 2400mA/h NI-MH
  • autonomy: ± 200 hours
  • operating temperature: -10 to 40 ° C
  • dimensions: 120 x 70 x 30 mm
  • weight: 259 gr without probe
Standard delivery
  • instrument for measuring THL 286
  • impact sensor D with standard support and cable
  • 1 support for reduced surfaces
  • cleaning brush
  • charger
  • PC software for downloading of stored data, statistical analyses and transfer
  • transport case
  • manual
  • factory calibration certificate

  • impact probe C, DC, DL, D + 15, G or E
  • communication cable
  • PC software for downloading of stored data, statistical analyses and transfer to MS Excel, AHN-01
  • attachment rings for secure positioning, AHMR 01  
  • impact body for sensor D, net weight approx. 5.5 g, hardness = 1600 HV, tungsten carbide, ball hit Ø 3 mm, according to the standard ASTM A956-02, AHMO D01
  • reference blocks type D /DC  or G
  • reference blocks ISO calibration certificate
  • reference blocks type D with DAkkS calibration certificate